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As a convicted marijuana producer, a lot of the time I get asked about what I do and how I did it. I have broken a lot of trust and caused a lot of grief wich led to mental and body sickness to people around me. And for that, I apologize.

After my incareration, I have changed my life. I am now involve in a plant-based movement, a way of living that aims to avoid animal harm for ethical reasons and redemption for my past.

I hope with this website, it will be a great way to introduce myself, what I have done, and what I do on a daily basis to change my life.

Every day I strive to bring 100% commitment to the work that I do, and my goal as an entrepreneur is to create someting that will be beneficial to the masses and improve the live of many. I feel that throughout my life I have achieved the knowledge and experience necessary to create something in the not too distant future, which I believe will give back to the community while also improving the lives of many.

Philippe Yu

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